Dynamic Blend for NetSuite

Revolutionises Formulation and Recipe Management

Dynamic Blend for NetSuite brings formulation and recipe management capability to the NetSuite ERP platform as native functionality. It has been designed to meet the specific needs of process manufacturers, where tolerances are low and quality standards are high.

Dynamic Blend for NetSuite provides a powerful, flexible and dependable solution that will revolutionise your formulation and recipe management. It will unshackle you from tedious data gathering, remove your reliance on inaccurate data, take away the burden of manual calculations and speed up the entire process of blend management.

Why settle for an external system when blend management can work inside your ERP system alongside all your other business functions in a single, elegant solution?

Key Functionality

  • Control all aspects of blend management within NetSuite
  • Run production simulations in moments
  • Calculate production capacity based on available stock across all locations using real-time data
  • Project production costs of finished goods using live data before committing to manufacturing
  • Maintain quality by analysing the composition of your raw materials or ingredients against finished specifications, and avoiding waste
  • Automatically adjusts the blend to maintain the correct potency
  • Control yields using smaller quantities of higher quality components or ingredients
  • Identify and select higher quality lots to be used for your blend
  • Run simulations of your formulations or recipes and ask ‘what if?’ questions easily
  • Create new formulations or recipes in seconds, save them and continue later where you left off
  • Adjust existing formulations or recipes effortlessly and create libraries of blend variations
  • Control access to formulations and recipes ensuring consistency and audit compliance
  • Access your blend management capability from any device, in any location


"The benefits the Advanced Dynamic Formula Management app brought us are so multi-faceted I couldn't even pin-point the most influential. The impact it has had internally even on just the uptake of NetSuite has been mind blowing - everyone is dying to use it to formulate new products - It's just made R&D so much easier!"

- Paul Sutton, Group IT, Welding Alloys Group.


Download the Dynamic Blend for NetSuite PDF datasheet.


Pricing for our Apps is dependent on you having an active Support Contract with us.
Please see the table below for more information:

Standalone Bronze Contract Silver Contract Gold Contract Platinum Contract
*£5000/month *£4500/month *£2500/month *£Included *£Included

* Please note that this is a very complex App, and as such there is an additional Professional Services for tailoring the Dynamic Blend to your company's requirements.