Dynamic Formula

What is Dynamic Formula?

Put simply - Dynamic Formula allows you to take an existing Work Order, adjust the components and quantities, and save it.

Whilst that's extremely simplistic, it helps you grasp the basics of what we've achieved with the Dynamic Formula for NetSuite App.

What else does it do?

Of course it doesn't JUST do that...You could simply manually edit the Work Order yourself if that's all you used it for! The real benefits the Dynamic Formula for NetSuite App are:

- Retrieve Lot Specific Costs for Components Used within the Formulation in order to realise the exact cost based on Item Receipt costs, ensuring you manufacture the most cost effective solution whilst still remaining on target

- Analyse the composition of your Components, and compare them against the specification of the finished item you're creating, ensuring the consistancy of your brand stays intact

- Run simulations of the formula within the App natively in NetSuite, and continue where you left off - all without having to download anything!

- Save the formula and allow others to create their own

- Calculate the manufacturing capacity of your dynamic formula based on the component quantities in the build and the available stock you have - in real time!

- Specify specific lots to be used for your formula, ensuring what will be manufactured will be exactly as expected

- Plus much more!

So - Do I need it?

  1. Do you need to amend your work order components/quantities based on the quality of the components you are using for that specific build?
  2. Do you regularly change the composition of your bill of materials based on QC Feedback?
  3. Do you require an analysis of your finished goods to ensure they are within tolerance of your item specification?
  4. Do you require the ability to amend the work order components/quantities to ensure they meet any budgetary requirements imposed?
  5. Do you have validation criteria set out to ensure the finished good will be within tolerance?
  6. Do you require your analysis results to be available in an exportable format for external systems to consume the data?
  7. Do you need to integrate your Mass Spectrometer directly to NetSuite to store your Lot Properties?

If the answer to any of the above is Yes, then you might require Dynamic Formula for NetSuite by ERP Experts (Europe) Limited. If not, then drop us a line - we still may be able to help as we are extending our library of Apps all the time! 


Our Customers cannot live without it!

"The benefits the Advanced Dynamic Formula Management app brought us are so multi-faceted I couldn't even pin-point the most influential. The impact it has had internally even on just the uptake of NetSuite has been mind blowing - everyone is dying to use it to formulate new products - It's just made R&D so much easier!"

- Paul Sutton, Group IT, Welding Alloys Group.




Pricing for our Apps is dependent on you having an active Aftercare Contract with us.
Please see the table below for more information:

Standalone Bronze Contract Silver Contract Gold Contract SCA Gold Contract
*£5000/month *£4750/month *£2750/month *£1750/month *£1750/month

* Please note that this is a very complex App, and as such there is an additional Professional Services for tailoring the Dynamic Formula to your company's requirements, as such a BRD is required before implementation can commence.