The complete franchise solution for all your franchisee and franchisor needs.

Running a franchise network can be challenging. From onboarding and training new franchisees, managing sales and marketing, keeping on top of accounts and finance, managing HR and ensuring a consistent customer experience across different branches of the brand.

Each franchisee’s needs can be very different too. With differing backgrounds, differing experiences, differing motivations, optimising your franchisee’s performance can be very demanding.

ERP Experts developed NetFranchise as a single system that’s capable of managing every aspect of your franchise business, from generating leads to generating invoices, and everything in-between. With its powerful reporting, NetFranchise provides you with a single version of the truth across the entire franchise, providing visibility of what your franchisee are actually doing, which makes optimising performance that much easier.

Best of all, NetFranchise provides reporting that allows comparisons to be made between different franchisees, providing deep insight, that makes network optimisation so much easier.

As a NetSuite Solution Provider with over 15 years’ experience in specifying, implementing, developing and supporting NetSuite, you can trust ERP Experts to help you to get the most from NetSuite ERP. Contact us to find out more about NetFranchise and to schedule a free demonstration.

Net Franchise