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We've identified areas where NetSuite might be extended and strengthened, customising it for the needs of specific business requirements not present in the core system, based on our extensive expertise providing NetSuite solutions. To meet those demands, we've used our NetSuite ERP knowledge to create our own suite of NetSuite apps and extensions.

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Our Apps

How To Ensure Your Customers Don't Slip Off The Radar!

Do you ever wonder if your Leads, Prospects or Customers are silently slipping off the radar? Well now you don't have to worry - with CRM QuickView for NetSuite you can have the complete overview of your Leads, Prospects and Customers in one simple to read, and automated tab in NetSuite!

Take complete control of your sales pipeline with CRM QuickView

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Dynamic Blend for NetSuite

Dynamic Blend for NetSuite brings formulation and recipe management capability to the NetSuite ERP platform as native functionality. It has been designed to meet the specific needs of process manufacturers, where tolerances are low and quality standards are high.

Dynamic Blend for NetSuite provides a powerful, flexible and dependable solution that will revolutionise your formulation and recipe management.

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Liquidity Manager

Whether you are planning for the short term, or planning for the long term - Liquidity Manager is the tool for you!

It's always-up-to-date and powerful architecture means that you can achieve a reliable, single-source-of-information resource that's based on latest sales stream forecasts and real-time data.

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Mass Delete - The smartest way to delete high volumes of records!

Are you sick of spending hours, days, or maybe even weeks deleting useless data from your NetSuite Account? Well look no further - Mass Delete is here to free up your time and let you get on with your actual job!

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NetFranchise - Franchising for NetSuite

NetFranchise is the one-stop-shop for any serious franchisor.

Giving you total control over your entire Franchise Network, you can see all Franchisee Data and Statistics in a simple-to-use, cloud based platform - all at the touch of a button!

No more waiting for days for staff to collate a report across your Franchisees - simply click on the saved report in NetSuite, and the real-time business intelligence is available at your fingertips.

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NetEstates Property Management

Are you sick and tired of having to use disparate systems for your Estate Agency?

Do you find yourself wasting countless hours comparing your accounts package with your Estate agency management application?

Are you sick of having to remote desktop in to your PC at work to use your antiquated client-server technology?

Then look no further! NetEstates is built on the powerful NetSuite Platform giving you complete control over your entire business, with the added benefit of being able to manage your Sales, Lettings and Portfolios - all within one single place!

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PayNow - Real Time Electronic Payments for NetSuite

With PayNow - The Real Time Electronic Payments App for NetSuite, you can empower your customers to pay via PayPal,, or any other payment gateway with a supported API (Application Programming Interface) - at the click of a button!

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Re-Think The Way You Use Your ERP!

You wouldn't drive around in a car you don't like the colour of, so why let your Users log in to the NetSuite Customer Centre!?

A bold statement, for sure - but what we've done will turn your life upside down!
Introducing - The User Portal for NetSuite!

Why aren't you using NetSuite this way?

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SphereLogistics Booking Platform

Consignment handling, depot administration, customer centre and accounting, Sphere Logistics extends the functionality of NetSuite for the needs of logistics companies, whether it be a single or multi-depot logistics operation.

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