What are the benefits of Cloud ERP?

Posted on: 1st June 2021

Since the introduction of ERP nearly 30 years ago, Enterprise Resource Planning systems have gained a reputation for being expensive to implement and maintain, and so the purview of all but the largest organisations.

Whilst that may have once been true, the introduction of cloud ERP has democratised enterprise resource planning, putting the power of ERP into the hands of start-up, small, medium, and large companies.

Competition is such these days that companies that continue to rely on spreadsheets, poorly integrated software, or on-premises ERP to manage their business face an uphill struggle to overcome today’s business challenges.

Being based in the cloud not only makes ERP more affordable, but also makes the systems easier to implement and manage. Cloud ERP also provides high levels of visibility into processes and performance with anytime, anywhere access to tools and data.

Cloud ERP and its advantages

Cloud ERP makes it easier for any sized company to add functionality as they scale, and new business opportunities arise. It lowers operating costs and minimises the need for upfront capital expenditure and dedicated IT resources.

By making data readily available, automating core processes, and ensuring proper controls, ERP systems allow business managers to react much more quickly to changing conditions. Instead of getting bogged down by manual tasks or having to rely on less than accurate information, they can focus on improving the business, leading to faster, more informed decisions, and a more agile organisation.

With a cloud ERP solution, both remote and onsite employees have accurate information that enables them to analyse and use data, spot trends and make better decisions - faster. This is critical for identifying new opportunities and getting ahead of the competition.

Not only that, but ERP helps eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks, which your staff can find tedious and dull. Not only does this dramatically lower the cost of doing business, but it frees-up team members to spend more time on high-value work, which is both more valuable to the company and keeps them more engaged with greater work satisfaction.

While smaller firms may be able to run on basic systems and spreadsheets, those that adopt cloud ERP not only improve their existing business management processes, they’re also much better positioned to scale-up in the future.

Is NetSuite a Cloud ERP?

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP which offers a modern, scalable solution to run all the key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud. From comprehensive financial management capabilities, including sophisticated revenue management and billing solutions, to inventory, supply chain and warehouse management solutions, NetSuite empowers businesses of all sizes, across all kinds of industries, to unleash their growth potential. NetSuite’s built-in business intelligence with real-time reporting and analytics provides your organisation with a single version of the truth and allows better, faster decision making.

ERP Experts is an accredited NetSuite Solution Provider and can help your business implement a new NetSuite system or optimise an existing NetSuite installation, please contact us to start the conversation.