Why settle for support when you can have Aftercare?

Posted on: 1st July 2021

Many companies find that once they have invested in their NetSuite system and their developer has delivered the final implementation, they are handed off to a support team. The client is then led down the path of navigating an online support system, raising tickets and waiting for a response from a support team that they don’t have a relationship with.

Not only is this kind of support service impersonal and frustrating, in our experience it is one of the single largest reasons that a NetSuite installation fails to meet expectations, is slow to be adopted by staff and limits the potential of the benefits NetSuite can bring to a business – which is surely the reason why the investment was made in the first place.

Maximise your investment with Aftercare support for NetSuite

At ERP Experts we believe that it is vitally important to manage the growth of your NetSuite system, so it aligns with the growth of your business. That’s why our Aftercare support addresses the three key areas that companies who embrace NetSuite require our help with.

NetSuite consultancy and training

Whilst NetSuite’s own online support services can help with minor issues, nothing beats having the skills and experience of our NetSuite experts available to you. Quite often we know the workarounds and quick fixes that can save you a lot of time and frustration.

More than that though, is the consultancy and training that we can provide. We really do know NetSuite inside-out and can help mould the system to your ways of working. In addition, we provide ongoing training for your staff, transferring our skills to your team or simply providing advice and guidance when you need it.

NetSuite administration and maintenance

Our Aftercare support also provides full NetSuite administration and maintenance, so we take the headache of administering the software away. With us by your side, your NetSuite system is always up-to-date and in tip-top health. Where we have made enhancements or adaptations, we ensure that any NetSuite updates don’t impact on their functionality. It all adds up to less hassle and minimal downtime for your company.

NetSuite enhancements

One of the major benefits of our Gold Aftercare is that it gives you access to our entire library of NetSuite enhancements and apps including our popular Dynamic Blend, Pay Now and User Portal apps. This library is growing all the time and our Gold Aftercare customers gain automatic access to everything!

Aftercare provides a roadmap for growth

Our Gold Aftercare plan has been developed for companies that really want to optimise their NetSuite system and get the absolute best from its potential. Customers on the plan benefit from a regular update meeting where our business analysts and software architects work with them to outline a roadmap of ongoing updates and enhancements to the system in line with their businesses growth plans. After all, no thriving business sits still, so why should the software that runs that business?

Can I have Aftercare if you didn’t install my NetSuite system?

Don’t worry if you are already using NetSuite, purchased and implemented through another vendor – our Aftercare plans are open to you too! Once you’ve outlined the problems that you’re experiencing with NetSuite, we will audit your system to give us a thorough understanding of its status. We’ll provide a ‘traffic light’ report showing our findings and develop a roadmap of actions that our team of NetSuite-certified professionals will take to resolve your issues.

Find out more about our NetSuite Aftercare support plans

We offer a range of NetSuite Aftercare support plans designed around the needs of our customers. From our Bronze Aftercare for teams new to NetSuite who do not have an in-house Administrator, up to Gold Aftercare that’s perfect for companies with lots of development planned. Call us on 01785 336 253 or complete our contact form to find out more about NetSuite Aftercare support from the NetSuite experts.