ERP Software

Let Technology Take the Strain

Coordinating all the different moving parts that make a business tick is no easy task. Doing it in a way which improves overall efficiency and performance requires Herculean effort. 

Thankfully, nowadays we have ERP software to take the strain. 

ERP Experts are a trusted solution provider for what is widely regarded as the best cloud ERP software available - NetSuite.

NetSuite lets you integrate all key business processes into a single management platform, aligning and automating tasks to save time and money, and unifying data streams to give you full 360o visibility.

ERP Experts employ an experienced team of professional software engineers who build custom NetSuite deployments to meet the precise needs of our clients. We have helped hundreds of businesses streamline operations, improve business planning and get more value from their IT systems with our bespoke ERP software services.

What is ERP Software?

ERP software provides a platform for managing, monitoring and automating business processes. Different ERP software vendors include different features and capabilities, but most solutions typically cover things like inventory, procurement, order management, production, accounting and human resources. 

Many ERP software platforms, NetSuite included, also offer close alignment with CRM. 

The purpose is to provide a single database and user interface for running different business functions from. This allows information to be shared across departments from a central pool, processes to be monitored and managed alongside each other, and where appropriate operations to be merged to improve efficiency. 

High-end ERP software solutions like NetSuite also include powerful automation tools for setting these processes to run automatically.

The Benefits of ERP Software

ERP software allows you to achieve things with your business that would be virtually impossible to do manually. From accessing real-time financial and performance data from any part of your operation, to eliminating bottlenecks between business functions, ERP software helps decision making become more agile and dynamic. It improves efficiency with better streamlined processes, and saves precious time and resources through smart alignment and automation. 

With more than 40,000 registered organisations, NetSuite is the world’s most popular cloud ERP platform and is widely regarded as one of the best. As a cloud-based platform, it is supremely agile and scalable, and can be customised to meet the precise needs of any business. With low set up and maintenance costs, and ready compatibility with the rest of NetSuite’s range of CRM, Ecommerce, Professional Services and Business Intelligence solutions, it provides unrivalled ROI for any business.

NetSuite Customisation

ERP Experts provides full architectural design and support to solve your organisation’s most complex technical challenges. We can perform full customisation of your NetSuite implementation or integrate NetSuite with any existing systems.

Leveraging the NetSuite NS-BOS platform, our advanced customisation capabilities include:

  • Web Services (SuiteTalk) to integrate NetSuite with your other systems and applications.
  • Javascript (SuiteFlex) to build new functionality, workflows and processes that meet your business demands.
  • Advanced Workflows (SuiteFlow) to extend NetSuite functionality.
  • Data Cleansing/XML mapping to ensure that your business data is available within NetSuite.
  • Custom Record, Custom Field and Custom List relationships architected to meet your objectives.

Do you have a specific requirement you need to represent within NetSuite?

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