NetSuite for Manufacturing

Get Ready for Industry 4.0

NetSuite is the modern solution for optimizing process and workflow management in the cloud

Modern manufacturing businesses are under pressure to think smart. With the arrival of AI and IoT technologies, all of the talk is about using data and automation to optimise efficiency and productivity throughout the production lifecycle, from sourcing materials to shipping the final product.

If your aim is to achieve smart streamlining of all processes and workflows, you need a modern ERP solution that can match your ambition.

NetSuite, the world’s most popular cloud ERP platform, is ideal for making manufacturing businesses smarter, leaner and more competitive.

Deployed as an ERP manufacturing software solution, NetSuite does not just allow you to plan production with maximum efficiency in line with demand. It also offers dynamic inventory management, agile logistics, full-visibility accounting and budgeting, integrated customer and supplier relationship management, and even ecommerce tools for selling your final product.

ERP Experts is a long-standing NetSuite partner with a proven track record helping manufacturing businesses boost output. We have worked with production, processing, engineering, assemble-to-order and heavy industrial companies to create bespoke NetSuite for manufacturing systems tailored to their specific needs.

Unlike off-the-shelf ERP manufacturing software, our fully qualified software engineers configure NetSuite to meet industry and operation-specific demands for manufacturers of all types and sizes.

Benefits of NetSuite for Manufacturing

As a flexible and highly scalable cloud platform, NetSuite for manufacturing offers limitless opportunities for growth and adaptation, supporting and encouraging innovation.

Much more than just a production planning or traditional ERP solution, NetSuite provides a comprehensive suite of end-to-end business management tools unrivalled by standard manufacturing software.

From start to finish, you get the the complete picture insight you need to create a leaner, stronger, more profitable manufacturing business, with the technology to create smart integrated systems ready for the new industrial age.

Key benefits include:

  • Faster time-to-market: The efficiency gains made through end-to-end integration from inventory to sales slash the time it takes to get products to market.
  • Free-flowing work streams: A single platform solution cuts the snags and bottlenecks between processes, while you get no compatibility issues between different IT systems.
  • Reduced IT costs: Hosted in the cloud, NetSuite avoids having to purchase numerous software solutions and lowers TCO.
  • Industry-specific intelligence in real time: Whatever sector you work in, NetSuite can be configured to make visible the performance metrics that matter from across your operations.
  • Lean production management: Optimise production with dynamic intelligence-led scheduling and work order management.
  • Smart supply chain management: Streamline procurement, logistics and supplier relationships through full integration with order and inventory management.
  • Full financial control: Get costings, budget and revenue data from every aspect of your operation on demand and link to a full suite of accountancy tools. Manage invoices, payments and expenses all in one place.
  • Powerful sales and marketing capabilities: Maximise profits from your products with fully integrated sales, marketing and service platforms, including ecommerce and call centre management.