NetSuite for SMEs

Software That Lets Your Small Business Soar

NetSuite removes the glass ceiling from business IT solutions

It was not that long ago that a small business could feel trapped by their business software. Priced out of the best enterprise-grade solutions, they were stuck with pale imitations that held back their growth.

Then along came the cloud.

Scalable, flexible, affordable, NetSuite is the complete business management package that allows you grow as big as you want to be.

Ambition becomes more than a pipedream with access to the world’s number one cloud ERP platform. NetSuite is already trusted by more than 40,000 organisations worldwide, and offers your business data-led solutions to become more agile, efficient and profitable.

With subscription pricing based on size, NetSuite for small businesses has the right price point for every business, designed to grow as you grow.

ERP Experts has worked with NetSuite for a number of years and specialises in ERP for small business. We are trusted NetSuite Solutions Partners, meaning we are licensed to sell, install, configure and provide after service for NetSuite products.

We know from experience that no other software on the market provides such a complete range of end-to-end IT solutions for SMEs. No matter what your industry, whether you have five employees or 50, NetSuite streamlines the complete range of front-end services and back-office functions into a single, simple platform, giving you the whole-business insight and intelligence you need to plan each step up the ladder.

Benefits of NetSuite for Small Businesses

SMEs operate on tight margins and stretched resources. They don’t have the time or money for complex, costly software that tells them where they can make efficiency gains or grab an advantage over the competition.

At the same time, they demand more than cheap small business software that barely keeps core processes ticking over.

NetSuite for small businesses is different. Powered by the cloud, it offers a unique set of value propositions tailor made for helping small businesses save time and money so they have the space to innovate and grow.

  • Whole business visibility, all in one place: NetSuite is not just a solution for one area of your business. It covers everything. Finances, inventory, logistics, customer relations, sales and marketing, NetSuite manages them all in a single platform.
  • Slick, streamlined processes: As well as insight into everything you do, NetSuite removes silos between operations, automates key processes and helps everything run efficiently and smoothly from start to finish.
  • IT solutions fully customised to your needs: NetSuite is no out-of-the-box generic solution. Everything it does will be precisely configured to your business needs by ERP Experts’ qualified engineers.
  • Real-time performance monitoring and powerful analytics: Why should only the big players benefit from Big Data? NetSuite lets you configure performance metrics for every area of your business, and delivers results in real time for agile decision making.
  • Simple finance solutions: Slash time from invoice and payment control with a simple, unified approach to billing, order processing and accounting.
  • Innovation through collaboration: Spot opportunities to develop new products and services from customer feedback and trend analysis, and make the biggest possible splash in the market with targeted, measured campaigns.
  • Rapid ROI on future-ready tech: Wave goodbye to capital costs on new software and expensive upgrades. As a fully managed cloud service, NetSuite drastically reduces TCO on your business systems, delivering ROI in no time at all. And you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest tech trends - NetSuite builds the upgrades, and we run them, all within your subscription contract.

NetSuite for Small Business Pricing

NetSuite is a subscription-based cloud software service. But as it is fully customised to each individual client, there is no fixed pricing structure. ERP Experts will draw up a bespoke quotation based on your business size, industry and usage needs. Contact our sales team today to find out more.