NetSuite ERP Development

Build a Better Business With Customised NetSuite Development

To gain real value from your NetSuite system, you need solutions that can be fully customised to the unique demands of your business.

Many of the cloud business management tools we offer have been designed with complete customisation in mind. With built-in and bespoke developer tools, each business can configure its NetSuite ERP, CRM, business intelligence and eCommerce systems according to its precise needs.

As an accredited NetSuite Solution Provider, ERP Experts employs a team of experienced software engineers fully qualified to craft bespoke business solutions for our clients.

Our NetSuite developers use the latest object-oriented technology to integrate your existing business applications with your NetSuite ERP system. Over the years, we have developed integrations with EPoS, FoxPro databases, SQL servers, MySQL, Access and many more to centralise control of IT systems and create a seamless, unified user experience across applications.

In addition, our engineers can programme completely new applications for workflow management, analytics, web services and more within your NetSuite system, extending its functionality as you require.

Languages supported

ERP Experts’ developers work with the following programming languages: 

  • Android 1.6 Donut (API Level 4) to 7.1 Kitkat (API Level 25).
  • Javascript - an essential requirement, as this is the language NetSuite is written in.
  • Microsoft C#, from .NET Framework v1.0 to the latest available version.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5 and 6.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, from .NET Framework v1.0 to the latest version.
  • All versions of Oracle Java.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 onwards, plus other SQL databases.