NetSuite Integration

Increase ROI on Business IT with NetSuite Integrations

Moving your business IT systems to the cloud is the smart way to save money, streamline operations, gain extra flexibility to encourage innovation and ensure your IT can grow with you. 

But what about the systems you already run? Are you ready to write off your investment to leap into the cloud? 

With NetSuite, you don’t have to. Built as a fully integrated end-to-end business management solution in its own right, NetSuite also recognises that businesses are no longer prepared to accept the restrictions of proprietary technology.

Businesses want solutions that work, not brands which lock them into their own products.

NetSuite offers a number of ways to integrate third-party software platforms into its global business management architectured. As an accredited NetSuite Solutions Provider, ERP Experts can deliver them all, giving our clients even greater flexibility and choice when migrating to NetSuite, and helping them protect investments in current systems.

If you are looking to replace or consolidate existing ERP, CRM, commerce and management platforms, our knowledgeable team of experts can advise you on all of the possibilities and benefits of NetSuite integration. These benefits include:

  • Protecting investment in on-premise systems you own
  • Providing continuity with current workflows
  • Getting users on board by keeping familiar systems
  • Increasing ROI from existing tech with NetSuite’s powerful automation and analytics capabilities.

Integrate with NetSuite products

NetSuite provides a single-platform solution for functions that in the past have required separate software solutions. The core NetSuite products are:

  • NetSuite ERP: The world’s most popular cloud ERP platform, providing end-to-end control over procurement, supply chain, production, inventory, orders and financials.
  • NetSuite CRM: A powerful solution that unifies sales, marketing and service operations into one with combined customer data analysis and process automation.
  • SuiteCommerce: An omnichannel sales solution for B2B and B2C operations that links back-office ERP capabilities with CRM, point of sale and ecommerce.
  • OneWorld: NetSuite’s global business management solution for multinational enterprises.

The power of all these NetSuite solutions is the high level of integration and cross-pollination of capabilities between them. As a single, unified business management solution, NetSuite combines convenience with control.

NetSuite integration allows you to extend those possibilities even further, unifying processes across different platforms into one space, while adding even greater functionality to the whole.

How NetSuite integrations work

ERP Experts can help you integrate third-party platforms with NetSuite in the following ways:

SuiteCloud Connect

NetSuite provides plug-in compatibility with a chosen group of software partners through its own SuiteCloud Connect integration platform. If you already use Salesforce, SAP, Oracle or Google Apps in your business, ERP Experts can configure all to run within your NetSuite environment.

NetSuite APIs

As trusted partners, ERP Experts’ professional software engineers have access to the NetSuite platform APIs, allowing us to program custom integrations with your chosen software from scratch.

SuiteCloud Developers

ERP Experts has created its own suite of applications developed within the NetSuite architecture to further enhance the solutions available to our clients.


NetSuite supports a wide range of additional applications created by third-party developers to extend its functionality.