Extend the power of ERP with NetSuite modules

With NetSuite modules, you can further customise your NetSuite ERP system and enhance its functionality. NetSuite offers a comprehensive suite of advanced ERP modules, many of which have been developed for specific business sectors, that can be customised to your precise needs by our experienced NetSuite software engineers.

NetSuite modules are continually being improved and enhanced to keep up with both industry and technological advances, meaning that your business can constantly adapt to the changing landscape in which you operate.

We’ll customise NetSuite to your precise needs

As an accredited NetSuite Solution Provider, we have the specialist knowledge and experience to identify the right NetSuite modules to help you drive performance and growth. We have worked with businesses across all sectors, from financial services to retail, manufacturing to logistics, transforming business systems to improve insight, control, efficiency, and output.

Financial management modules

NetSuite offers a range of financial management modules to enhance and extend your financial reporting, including modules for revenue management, billing, multi-book accounting, fixed asset management and more.

Planning modules

As much of the power and advantages of the NetSuite ERP lies in its ability to forecast accurately and manage business processes strategically, NetSuite has a range of specialist modules for resource allocation, demand planning, job costing and project management.

Analytics modules

The SuiteAnalytics Connect module is a specialised reporting module that plugs directly into NetSuite’s sophisticated data processing capabilities and significantly extends its analytics and business intelligence functionality.

Logistics modules

NetSuite offers a whole range of advanced logistics modules for advanced inventory, procurement and order management. Other modules allow the complete automation of stock control and streamline purchasing and fulfilment processes to improve efficiency and cost control. A range of industry-specific Warehouse Management modules also enhance operational efficiencies and streamline warehousing processes.

Ecommerce modules

NetSuite’s range of eCommerce modules include SuiteCommerce Site Builder which allows you to quickly and easily build an eCommerce store, SuiteCommerce Advanced allows you to create a single cloud management platform for all of your sales operations, and for high volume B2C and B2B transactions, SuiteCloud Plus premium data centre tiers allow you to process as much traffic as you require.

Manufacturing modules

NetSuite offers a strong suite of manufacturing modules to tailor the ERP to your specific manufacturing needs. These include a dedicated work orders and assemblies module that matches production to inventory and the WIP and Routing modules that allows you to track performance against volume and cost targets.

Trust the NetSuite experts to specify and integrate NetSuite modules

As a NetSuite Solution Provider with over 15 years experience in specifying, implementing, developing and supporting NetSuite, you can trust ERP Experts to help you to get the most from NetSuite modules. Contact us for a free demonstration and to start your NetSuite journey.