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NetSuite meets the needs of the financial services industry as it combines real-time intelligence and process integration with complete flexibility to adapt to different use scenarios.


Real-time financial management in the cloud

NetSuite is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the modern financial services industry. The world’s number one cloud business management solution, it combines end-to-end real-time intelligence and process integration with complete flexibility to adapt to different use scenarios.

With global visibility across the business, from financials to procurement, CRM to HCM, NetSuite helps financial services organisations strike the right balance between embracing opportunity and mitigating risk.

Benefits of financial management

Deployed as a finance ERP software solution, NetSuite takes the weight of financial services administration. Automating key tasks and integrating operations, not only reduces errors and duplication, but it also frees up your time to focus on what matters in your business - delivering outstanding, innovative products and services that eclipse the competition.

By combining tools for professional services automation, ERP, customer relationship management, commerce, BI and financials, NetSuite provides a single, flexible solution that delivers the following benefits to your company:

  • Gain real-time insight: Monitor performance and create rich, in-depth reports to inform your business decisions.

  • Become more agile and proactive: Anticipate risks and spot opportunities early with in-depth predictive analytics that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

  • Boost efficiency: Streamline and automate processes across your business to reduce duplication and human error.

  • Tighten control of costs: Integrating functions such as CRM, ERP, commerce and HCM will improve budgeting and revenue management across your business.

  • Simplify compliance: Stay on top of regulatory compliance with ready-to-run reporting and audit trails, and establishing internal controls.

  • Put everyone on the same page: Align all stakeholders in your organisation with unified systems and intelligence.

  • Improve speed and accuracy of budgeting: Collect inputs efficiently and swiftly and refine forecasts with ongoing analysis of actual versus projected results.

  • Create space to innovate: Slick, efficient management of your business using up-to-date systems will give you the platform to innovate and drive growth.

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