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NetSuite Aftercare enables NetSuite to grow as your business does and provides NetSuite support for your business every step of the way.

NetSuite Support

Our goal at ERP Experts is to help you succeed with NetSuite, therefore we've created a variety of NetSuite support services to help you get the most out of your NetSuite investment.

While other NetSuite solution providers will try to sell you their NetSuite support services and NetSuite's core support solution, SuiteSupport, only addresses basic needs, we go a step further and offer NetSuite Aftercare support.

Need NetSuite support?

Our NetSuite Aftercare support has you covered

Bronze support

For clients new to NetSuite and require little or no new development, our Bronze support plan provides a dedicated helpdesk, maintenance and technical support.


Gold support

For clients who plan on rapidly developing and extending their NetSuite system. Includes unlimited access to our entire ecosystem of NetSuite Apps.

Silver support

For growing clients with more demanding needs who are considering extending NetSuite and want to get the maximum from their system and team.

Which NetSuite support plan should I choose?

Whichever NetSuite support plan you choose, you can be assured of great service, fast response times and regular updates from our support team based in our UK office. 

You’ll always be kept informed of the status of your support case, the actions being taken and an estimated time that any issue will be resolved. All of this is designed to ensure that we manage our customer’s expectations, communicate with honesty and integrity, and allow you to know exactly what is happening with your case. 

It is all part of our total commitment to ensure our customers are supported every step of the way.

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NetSuite Aftercare is more than just support

When you take out NetSuite support from ERP Experts, we take the time to understand your system (unless we built it in the first place, in which case we’ll understand it inside out!) and develop a Roadmap of optimisations and training that will enable your business and its people to get the very best from NetSuite. 

NetSuite Aftercare is essentially a programme of small improvements planned ahead of time to ensure that NetSuite grows as your business grows. And our experience with NetSuite and hundreds of businesses means that we can help you to plan for growth. After all, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow with NetSuite over the years and understand the kinds of challenges you will face as you grow.

Support lady on the phone

A proactive approach to NetSuite Support

Most of our competitors offer NetSuite Support which is a reactive service that responds to problems that you may encounter and raise with them. Sure, a 24/7 online support portal and telephone and email support sound like great options, but wouldn’t you prefer it if we anticipated your needs and optimised your NetSuite system so that support became proactive?

Compare NetSuite support

Think of NetSuite Aftercare as NetSuite Support turned on its head: instead of dealing with problems that occur, we help you take advantage of the opportunities that NetSuite brings.




Netsuite Helpdesk

NetSuite Maintenance

NetSuite Consulting

NetSuite Training

Apps & enhancements

If you need more information on our NetSuite support plans or which one to pick get in touch below.

We have a support plan for any budget

As different businesses have different NetSuite Support needs, we offer different levels of NetSuite support that are only limited by your ambition.

bronze medal

Bronze support

This support plan provides customers with a dedicated help-desk to assist with any day-to-day user enquiries and technical support providing essential maintenance to ensure your NetSuite system receives the latest software updates and enhancements, as well as any security upgrades and patches which Oracle may release for NetSuite.

silver medal

Silver support

The Silver Aftercare support plan is ideal for ambitious teams looking to learn the NetSuite system quickly with our learn-as-you-go approach. This is ideal for onboarding new starters or providing refresher courses to existing staff. 

gold medal

Gold support

Our Gold Aftercare support plan is way beyond support, offering ongoing consultancy and development resources where our business analysts and software development teams become an extension of your business.

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