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Benefits of NetSuite Modules

Updated: Jan 18

NetSuite is an incredibly versatile business tool which automates many business processes and stores data in a single database, so all your critical systems have access to and share the same information, increasing speed, accuracy and efficiency.

NetSuite is a modular system which can be tailored and customised to your individual business. Whilst NetSuite consists of a number of standard modules and functions including accounting, HR, and manufacturing, there are a range of additional modules that can be added to the system to increase its functionality.

What are NetSuite Modules?

NetSuite modules provide added features to the NetSuite ERP platform, making the system easily tailorable to the unique needs and circumstances of your business. NetSuite consists of a unified suite of applications, so modules allow new features to be added seamlessly, building on and extending the system’s existing capabilities. NetSuite has been designed to be easily extended so its capabilities grow as your business grows.

NetSuite ERP software includes core financial and accounting functions, alongside several other standard capabilities which automate key business processes. These functions include inventory management, order management, project management, supply chain management, materials requirements planning, procurement and several more.

NetSuite modules provide a wide range of features ensuring NetSuite always meets your business needs.

How do I choose the right NetSuite Modules?

Many businesses find that NetSuite’s standard functionality is suitable for all their needs and no further extensions or customisations are needed for their business. However, where your business has a particular need or business growth means that you need extra functionality, NetSuite modules can be used to add the right capabilities to your NetSuite solution.

When you engage ERP Experts to integrate your NetSuite solution, we first implement a consultancy phase of the project which allows us to get to know your business, its operations, its strengths, weaknesses, and key challenges. This enables us to start to define the best way to implement NetSuite for your business. We will take you through all of the core functionalities of NetSuite as well as identifying and explaining the functionality of specific modules that we feel should be part of the ideal NetSuite solution for your business.

Of course, if your business has already implemented NetSuite and now needs additional functionality, we can work with you to add new NetSuite modules, and even customised functionality to your existing NetSuite system, regardless of whether or not we implemented the original solution for you.

Quite often, customers finding thmseleves in this scenario can benefit from our Gold Aftercare solution that means not only can we specify and implement new modules now, but we can also support, enhance and extend your NetSuite system to maximise the gains from the system and enhance your growth.

Regardless of the type of business, implementing a NetSuite solution is a critical project that requires careful planning and commitment from the entire organisation. NetSuite ERP implementations are a large undertaking, but with proper planning and execution – and the right implementation partner - implementing a system will lead to increased revenue with fewer resources involved.

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