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A range of applications that extend and enhance NetSuite

NetSuite is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite that offers a wide range of features for managing finances, controlling operations, and improving customer relations. NetSuite also offers a range of ‘editions’ that provide more specialist support for the needs of specific industries such as manufacturing. However, as every organisation is different, there are always areas where features could be improved, or are simply too specialised and don’t exist ‘out-of-the-box’.


We've identified areas where NetSuite might be extended and strengthened or could be customised for the specific business requirements that are just not present in the core system. In some cases, we have developed extensions that we feel improve the functionality of NetSuite and in others it has been driven by our customer’s needs, where we have been presented with a challenge and developed an app that addresses and solves a specific requirement.


Here are some areas where our apps have enhanced and extended NetSuite:


Specialised Functionality


NetSuite covers a broad spectrum of business processes, but it can lack specific functionality tailored to niche industries or unique business requirements. We have developed apps that fill these gaps by providing specialised tools or modules designed for specific industries or use cases.


PayNow allows you to add a ‘pay now’ button to any quote, sales order, or invoice that your NetSuite system generates. The app means that payments are made quicker and easier for your customer, with multiple payment options and real time reconciliation improving your accounts receivable performance.


NetFranchise allows you to manage every aspect of a franchise business, from prospecting leads to generating invoices, with powerful reporting providing deep insights that make network optimisation so much easier.


NetEstates is a complete property management solution for estate agents and lettings agents, handling sales, lettings and property management, all from within NetSuite.


Enhanced User Interface


While NetSuite's user interface has improved over time, some users may find certain tasks or workflows cumbersome or unintuitive. We have developed several apps that offer UI enhancements and custom functionality that streamline processes and improve the user experience.


User Portal improves and enhances the NetSuite Customer Centre experience giving your customers an entirely customised interface while boosting your brand.


Item Request for NetSuite simplifies the creation of items with an item creation wizard. The wizard asks a series of simplified questions that take you step-by-step through the creation of an item. As you answer the questions, the wizard automatically selects the correct categories for an item and makes sure that it posts to the appropriate ledger account.


Mass Delete allows you to create a defined set of criteria to select records and then delete them in one action, which considerably speeds up what could otherwise be a huge – and tedious - job.


Integration with Third-Party Systems


NetSuite supports integration with various third-party systems, but there can still be limitations or specific integrations that are not natively supported.


We have teamed up with Celigo and Cyclr, two of the top iPaaS providers and can develop custom connectors or middleware to seamlessly integrate NetSuite with any proprietary system, such as CRM platforms, e-commerce platforms, or specialised software tools.


Advanced Reporting and Analytics


NetSuite provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, but some users may require more advanced or customisable reporting options.


Liquidity Manager provides fully automated cash flow forecasting and planning into NetSuite, providing financial data on a rolling forecast basis, making financial planning quicker and easier, providing deeper insights into financial performance and operational efficiency.


Workflow Automation


While NetSuite includes workflow automation features, there may be advanced automation scenarios or specific business processes that require additional customisation or flexibility. We have developed apps that offer workflow automation tools with advanced logic, conditional triggers, or integration with external services to automate complex business processes more effectively.


Dynamic Blend brings formulation and recipe management capability to NetSuite. The App has been developed to meet the needs of process manufacturers who wish to control their blend management process from within NetSuite, utilising real-time data.


Sphere Logistics unifies all facets of a logistics operation into a single, integrated database and provides consignment handling, depot administration, customer centre, and accounting all from within NetSuite.


Customer Relationship Management


While NetSuite includes CRM functionality, some businesses may require more advanced CRM features or integration with specialised CRM platforms.


CRM QuickView is an invaluable NetSuite add-on that provides instant customer insights and metrics right within account records. It enhances NetSuite's built-in CRM capabilities, providing visibility of sales teams’ activities, without the need to run a series of reports and more informed and productive customer interactions.


Explore our range of apps and extensions for NetSuite


Third-party apps can complement NetSuite by addressing specific business needs, enhancing the user experience, and extending the platform's functionality to meet the diverse requirements of different industries and organisations.


If you have a specific requirement that’s not currently met by NetSuite’s range of tools, contact us to discuss how we might develop a bespoke application for your organisation to link your proprietary systems with the inherent power of NetSuite.

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