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How NetSuite can help you achieve your sustainability goals

Whilst implementing NetSuite alone may not guarantee achieving your sustainability ambitions, leveraging its capabilities effectively as part of a broader sustainability strategy can significantly contribute to your business's environmental stewardship and help you to meet your sustainability goals.


Increased energy efficiency


As NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution, you can reduce the need for on-premises hardware infrastructure, which typically requires significant energy consumption for power, cooling, and maintenance. As well as reducing your energy consumption, NetSuite's own data centres which house your data are designed to be energy-efficient, allowing for more sustainable computing compared to traditional on-premises solutions.


Resource optimisation


Implementing the NetSuite ERP platform for your business can help you to optimise your resource usage across many aspects of your business, increasing efficiencies in operations, supply chain management, and inventory control. By streamlining processes and reducing waste, you can minimise unnecessary resource consumption and the associated carbon emissions.


Remote accessibility


As NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system, it is accessed via a browser which means you can access business data and processes remotely and are not tied down to a particular office or computer. This facilitates remote working opportunities, reducing the need for commuting and office space, which can contribute to lower carbon emissions from transportation and office energy consumption.


Product lifecycle management


For manufacturing companies, NetSuite's enables powerful product lifecycle management features that allows you to develop more sustainable products. From selecting more environmentally friendly materials to making end-of-life recycling easier, NetSuite can track a product's lifecycle from inception to disposal, allowing you to monitor, manage and reduce the environmental impact of products across their lifespan.


Sustainable supply chain management


NetSuite offers features and modules for supply chain management, enabling you to monitor and manage your supply chain's environmental impact. You can track suppliers' sustainability metrics, optimise transportation routes to reduce emissions, and make informed decisions to source materials from eco-friendly suppliers.


Carbon footprint tracking


NetSuite’s ERP system offers functionality for tracking and reporting carbon emissions and other environmental metrics. By measuring your carbon footprint and identifying areas for improvement, you can set targets for emissions reduction and implement strategies to achieve them.


Financial management of your sustainability programme


NetSuite can handle the financial aspects of your sustainability efforts. The system can track expenses associated with environmental and recycling initiatives ensuring these are factored into financial planning, so you can monitor costs and maintain profitability.


Compliance and reporting


NetSuite's reporting capabilities can help you comply with environmental regulations and industry standards related to sustainability. You can generate reports on energy usage, emissions, waste management, and other sustainability metrics to demonstrate your commitment to reducing environmental impact.


Continuous improvement


NetSuite's flexible architecture allows for customisation and integration with other sustainability-focused tools and systems. This enables you to adapt your NetSuite solution to evolving sustainability requirements and incorporate new technologies and best practices as they emerge, which with increasingly stringent legislation, could be crucial to avoid legal penalties, maintain responsibility, and preserve a good reputation in the market.


Telling an evidence-based sustainability story


Telling a good sustainability story is easy, but providing evidential proof, backed up with real numbers is a lot harder. However, as NetSuite allows you to track and report on key data, metrics and KPIs from across all areas of your business, customers, staff, investors, and other stakeholders can clearly see the positive impacts of your sustainability efforts on your business.




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