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Cyclr and NetSuite allows us to design and develop Cyclr based integrations for NetSuite


How Cyclr works

Cyclr is an embedded integration technology for SaaS platforms and apps.

Cyclr is an integration platform that accelerates the development of integrations between systems and applications. It offers a suite of development tools and over 400 pre-built connectors to major software solutions and data sources.

With years of experience using the Cyclr platform, ERP Experts can swiftly design, build and deploy reliable, scalable integrations for NetSuite. We leverage Cyclr's library of pre-built connectors as well as development capabilities to integrate your NetSuite ERP with surrounding systems - whether part of a new implementation or for integrating into your existing NetSuite instance.

For example, we can rapidly integrate NetSuite with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, marketing systems like HubSpot and MailChimp, support systems like Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud, and many more. These deep integrations eliminate manual processes and provide a seamless flow of customer, product, order and other critical data between systems.

Key benefits of our Cyclr-powered NetSuite integrations include:

  • Accelerated speed of delivering integration projects using pre-built connectors and templates

  • Tight bi-directional synchronisation of data between NetSuite and surrounding systems

  • Real-time data sharing to enable informed, timely business decisions

  • Scalability to growing data and transaction volumes

  • Reliable, enterprise-grade integrations built to run 24/7


With Cyclr and our integration expertise, we can implement any critical integration for NetSuite tailored to your ecosystem and business requirements. This enables you to unlock the full capabilities of your NetSuite investment.

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