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A NetSuite training programme designed to allow you to exploit the full functionality of NetSuite and developed to get your team rapidly up-to-speed.

NetSuite Training

Investing in your people

Core to any NetSuite implementation, training is essential to allow your staff to use, understand and exploit the power of your new NetSuite system. Providing the right NetSuite training also greatly improves system adoption and acceptance of change.

Once the implementation and development of your NetSuite system are completed, we run a series of NetSuite training sessions as part of our customer acceptance testing procedures. After all, it is only once you start using a system that you discover its true capabilities. 

Our NetSuite training programme is run as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) where our coaches don't just show and tell, but involve your key staff to ensure they understand NetSuite. We combine this with the creation of Champions who, once trained by us, can cascade their knowledge to other staff members, using the principles of a learning organisation. 

Punch today in the face

Training is initially undertaken in what we call a ‘sandbox’ environment which exactly matches the live NetSuite system and data but is not connected to your ‘live’ business. This means that you get to learn to use the system and any mistakes have no real-world impacts.


Our coaches run role-based training sessions for different types of users, either in a classroom-based environment or via a webinar, if more convenient for you. All our NetSuite training sessions are specially designed for each specific client and their individual NetSuite system and can be run on a one-on-one basis or as a tutorial for several people. Where requested, we can provide video-based training materials or can record a webinar to accommodate learning at different individuals’ paces.

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Benefits of NetSuite training

Training improves your staff's acceptance and adoption of NetSuite which means that they'll be more engaged. And once they discover what it can do they'll become more efficient, delivering better value for your business.

As your staff gets a deeper understanding of NetSuite, it will enable them to become even more productive, be better able to employ all of its features and interpret the reporting and feedback it provides.

Well-trained staff have more rewarding jobs and will ultimately perform better for your organisation.

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Once launched, further NetSuite training is always available to keep your staff up to date with new updates and features or for when onboarding new staff members. For clients who take our Silver or Gold Aftercare Support programmes, any future NetSuite training that you require is included at no additional cost.

Aftercare support provides ongoing training

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