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Whilst NetSuite is a powerful ERP solution, there are a wide range of established third-party business tools that you may wish to integrate with NetSuite.

Bespoke Integrations

Customised for your business requirements

That’s where bespoke integrations can be developed to interweave a third-party function into NetSuite using an API. This extends the functionality of your NetSuite solution which was previously not possible. 

There are a whole host of NetSuite integrations available, providing connectivity between NetSuite and accountancy applications, payment gateways, logistics and e-commerce solutions, to name just a few. Whilst off-the-shelf integrations may provide a solution (with a greater or lesser amount of technical work required, depending on the complexity of the functionality required) there are several use cases where an integration simply does not exist. 

In these scenarios, a bespoke integration, customised for your business is required and will need a specialist’s touch to get working.

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We have developed a whole host of integrations for NetSuite, some using tools such as Celigo and Cyclr, and others where we have designed and built the integration from scratch. 

Our business process experts, technical solutions architects and software engineers can specify, design and develop any kind of integration between NetSuite and a third-party software solution that allows access via an API. 

Bespoke integrations are often easier to design and implement as part of a brand-new NetSuite installation, although we can also develop integrations for a pre-existing NetSuite install.

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