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A completely customised interface presented in your brand identity provides a more engaging, intuitive and media-rich user experience for your customers.

User Portal

Transform the customer centre user experience with User Portal 

Despite all of NetSuite's benefits, one of the system's few drawbacks is the Customer Centre user experience. Although the UI is complex and offers a wide range of capabilities, it is not user-friendly. 

You can give your consumers a more interesting, simple, and multimedia-rich user experience thanks to User Portal.

A straightforward and multimedia-rich user interface

It was awkward for customers to have to leave your branded website and enter the standard NetSuite interface when they signed into their Customer Centre in the past. With User Portal, you can give your customers an entirely customised interface while boosting your brand. 

Your clients should utilize the NetSuite Customer Centre even while the conventional NetSuite Customer Centre serves its purpose.

A customised experience that looks like your brand

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