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What Is NetSuite & How Does It Work?

Updated: Apr 15

NetSuite's cloud ERP system gives companies all the applications they need to run their businesses efficiently while harnessing growth. Organisations of all sizes and across dozens of industries rely on this powerful platform for finance, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), Human Resources - even professional services!

NetSuite allows you to manage your entire business from one platform. Netsuite's united view brings together finance, supply chain, manufacturing, HR and ecommerce across one system and one database, rather than employing disparate systems - providing a single version of the truth.

NetSuite is the only cloud ERP system that was built for scale. Many competing ERP systems promise scaleability, but are just hosted or hybrid solutions, which have all of the same problems as traditional on-premises software. With NetSuite's multi-tenant design it has endless room (literally) devoted exclusively towards supporting growth without ever running out of space again.

NetSuite’s reporting capabilities are unparalleled, with the ability to pull reports on anything and everything you want. With built-in tools for each department in your company or business unit as well as role based dashboards that give managers the information they need to make informed decisions in an easy-to use format - all designed specifically around your company needs!

Customise NetSuite to Meet Your Exact Requirements

NetSuite’s platform allows customers and implementation partners to extend the system’s capabilities and tailor it to their exact business needs. This gives customers the flexibility to meet the shifting business challenges of today and tomorrow.

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