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How NetSuite grows as your business grows

Updated: Apr 15

When an organisation buys a cloud-based technology solution, like financial management software and similar business applications, the provider generally stipulates specific service characteristics that define usage parameters within the account. These can include monthly transaction volumes or number of users for example.

In a growing business, if you approach or surpass these limits, it is essential to ensure your application can handle increased demand requirements so as not to affect performance.

The impact of business growth on business systems

When a company grows, its service levels have to increase in order to avoid impacting business efficiency and customer service. If your systems can’t keep up, this can result in delays or bottlenecks that are not necessarily present when the business was smaller. There are several areas where a growing business will begin to negatively impact on the performance of its software solutions.

Monthly transaction volumes

Your business is only as good as its system performance. If you are experiencing high order volume, it can strain the responsiveness of your systems and potentially delay processing sales orders into invoices. Not only may this lead to lost revenue for that month but also missed opportunities in realising profits.

Numbers of users supported

The number of users that can be supported in an environment also impacts the responsiveness of your software solutions. Employees may experience significant delays navigating through systems like loading pages or running reports, which leads to inconsistent usability and ordering/billing delays due to higher resource demand.

Limits on concurrent users

When you have a lot of different processes going on at once, your system might not be able to keep up. Setting up too many operations can lead to slower performance and lower productivity rates in terms of load balancing across all accounts. Operation rates usually dictate the base and maximum amounts at which parallel processing occurs; if there isn’t enough headroom then everything will take longer than necessary, so make sure that there's enough concurrency space available!

NetSuite grows as your business grows

NetSuite offers a choice of service levels to deliver the resources needed to maximise business productivity. The different options allow companies not only more database space, but also increased concurrency rights for their transactions which means they can get done faster with less wait time!

NetSuite also offers you the tools with extensive dashboard reporting of service tier metrics allowing you to proactively ‘right-size’ the system for your business. It is very straight forward to move to a higher service level as soon as your organisation requires higher usage parameters, allowing you to process more transactions and concurrent integrations, and handle more users and file storage, maintain a consistent user experience within NetSuite.

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