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NetSuite for the CIO

Updated: Apr 15

As a Chief Information Officer or IT Director, you are charged with making decisions about the best technology solutions that will support your business operations as it evolves and grows. This is an important strategic role as the wrong choice of system can impact on information, efficiency, and automation, holding your organisation back and restricting, rather than enabling, growth.

NetSuite solutions for the CIO allows you to simplify your operations, increase the agility of your business, centralise your data and improve efficiencies, whilst maximising your IT investment. When combined with our Gold Aftercare plan, it provides a strategic platform for growth for your entire organisation.

NetSuite's cloud-based ERP system centralises information and automates processes in every part of your company. Its unified data model includes robust business intelligence capabilities to unlock more confident decision-making. Role-based access controls protect your data while giving every user of the system a tailored view into the metrics that matter to them.

NetSuite simplifies information technology operations

Because NetSuite is a cloud-based SaaS, you can run all your IT operations without concerns about infrastructure bottlenecks, security risks and the support demands of traditional, on-premises software. Upgrades become so much simpler as the software is always up-to-date and because systems are accessed via a browser, it eliminates compatibility issues.

A single source of data with integrated systems

NetSuite provides a single, unified database so your information is all in one place. It integrates all the systems that you need to run a business, including accounting, operations, HR and sales — using the same single data source, so your data is consistent across departments. What’s more, your staff can all share the same data and have customised views of the data that matters to them.

Better automation and decision making

NetSuite’s unified data model automates business processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and receiving inventory without the need to integrate with other systems or manually import data from other applications, saving time and making efficiency gains.

And because all your data is available in one place, it is always up-to-date and never varies between departments. You can always trust the information that you have, making reporting quicker and more accurate, so you can gain better insights and make smarter decisions.

Easily deployed and managed

NetSuite’s cloud infrastructure means that organisations don’t need to invest in expensive on-site technologies to host the ERP system, making it quicker and easier to deploy. A further benefit is that you don’t need to expand your IT team to manage and maintain the system effectively.

Endlessly customisable and expandable

NetSuite is built from several ‘suites’ which can be tailored to your business process and customised to your particular requirements, meaning that you only pay for what you will use. Based on a development platform, NetSuite can be further customised with a wide range of apps that are built for NetSuite, or third-party systems can be integrated. Where your needs are unique, a competent developer can specify and develop a specific module for your business.

Secure, scaleable and robust

NetSuite has an enterprise-grade, redundant infrastructure providing consistently high availability, backed with a 99.7% service-level commitment. Security is built into the platform with strong encryption, role-based access controls and robust password policies. NetSuite is externally audited to SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 (SSAE18 and ISAE 3402) standards while maintaining ISO 27001 and 27018, PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliance.

Gold Aftercare makes NetSuite a platform for growth

While you’ll appreciate the operational benefits that NetSuite brings to your business including a single, unified database, secure cloud hosting and unification of your business systems, what’s not so well appreciated is that it can be a key enabler of innovation and growth for your company. However, realising these more strategic benefits requires a planned approach.

Gold Aftercare from ERP Experts provides that plan. We work with you to develop a roadmap of developments, enhancements and training designed to provide a platform for innovation and growth, including:

  • Working with you to develop a growth plan which places NetSuite at the centre of your company’s growth strategy

  • Optimising processes by measuring what works and what doesn’t and adjusting accordingly

  • Enabling innovation by developing new ways in which you can use NetSuite to enhance your business performance

  • Improving efficiencies by integrating NetSuite with third party systems that you already rely on

Gold Aftercare is unlike any support plan you’ll have encountered before, as it offers proactive support for your business that will add value to your NetSuite experience at every step. We provide both a support net and a development resource for your company, with a team of experts available to you on-demand.

We support your business, not just NetSuite

As powerful as NetSuite is, if it hasn’t been implemented properly, you will never gain the benefits for your business that it promises. That’s why, in addition to supporting growth and innovation, Gold Aftercare takes care of the challenges of systems management, so we become your specialist outsourced IT department dedicated to NetSuite.

  • We’ll manage your licences and take care of upgrades, freeing up your IT team’s time

  • We’ll ensure settings, including roles and permissions, are configured correctly so your staff can get on with their jobs

  • We’ll create and maintain integrations with any third-party software that you use, ensuring systems talk to each other, ensuring continuity of service

  • We’ll handle training for new starters and new roles, so your staff can get up to speed with NetSuite quicker and with more confidence

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