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NetSuite provides a more engaging, insightful way to manage people

Updated: Apr 15

NetSuite’s SuitePeople human resource management solution is an integrated suite that streamlines the delivery of HR services for all employees and departments throughout your organisation.

The single-platform approach means organisations can eliminate third party integrations, improve data accuracy in payroll processing by eliminating manual processes such as payments or tax forms submissions; create a more engaging workforce experience through intuitive dashboards where you will always know what's happening with each employee while they are working on their tasks at any given time - this not only increases productivity but also helps identify problems before they become major issues!

Bring Together Financial and HR Data

With HR, payroll and financial data in a single place, your company gains visibility into how workforce performance impacts financial performance.

Reduce HR Administrative Costs

Empower employees and managers to securely accomplish common HR tasks, like changing addresses, initiating promotions or viewing time-off balances, at any time.

Drive Deeper Engagement with Your Employees

Connect employees to their work with active goal setting. Recognise, review and reward achievements to increase engagement and productivity.

NetSuite Human Resource Management Benefits

Reduce the Cost of Running Payroll. Run payroll in minutes without importing or manipulating third-party files, and post to your general ledger in real time.

Improve HR Service Delivery. Empower managers and employees to update their profiles, manage their teams and securely view their own HR information.

Increase Workforce Performance. Employee performance metrics built on — and updated by — NetSuite data enable more effective and engaging performance reviews.

Challenges NetSuite Human Resource Management Solves

Multiple HR Systems and Services. Eliminate the inefficiency of managing and reconciling duplicate data in multiple systems and outside services.

Inaccurate Reporting. Centralise all employee information for more accurate recordkeeping and real-time reporting and analysis.

Low Employee Engagement. Create goals and recognise employees to keep them engaged and motivated.

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