NetSuite Modules

Think Outside the Box on ERP

NetSuite Modules offer limitless opportunity to customise business management

Feel as if you never quite get what you need from your business management software? 

Out-of-the-box solutions, with their limited configuration options, have had their day. The modern business demands IT that is agile enough to help them thrive in highly dynamic, competitive markets. 

The modern business demands the freedom of the cloud. 

NetSuite, the world’s most popular cloud ERP platform, does not box you in with pre-set options. On top of a completely customisable integrated software platform which combines ERP, CRM, ecommerce, financials, production and project automation in one, it stretches functionality even further with a comprehensive range of advanced modules. 

No other product on the market presents the same possibilities for drilling down deep into your business-specific functions to create bespoke IT solutions. And with ERP Experts on board, you are guaranteed to turn this potential into results. 

As accredited NetSuite Solutions Providers, ERP Experts has the specialist knowledge and experience to identify the right modules to help you drive performance and growth. We have worked with businesses across all sectors, from financial services to retail, manufacturing to logistics, transforming business systems to improve insight, control, efficiency and output. 

With NetSuite modules, you can turbocharge the key operations in your business with advanced features and tools that go far beyond typical ERP software capabilities. They give you access to specialised industry-specific solutions neatly integrated within the wider NetSuite architecture, and can be customised to your precise needs by our experienced NetSuite software engineers.

Benefits of NetSuite Modules

By offering the most comprehensive suite of advanced ERP modules available, NetSuite takes business management technology to new heights. Whatever your industry, whatever your size, NetSuite modules provide the bespoke solutions you need, completely adaptable and scalable to fit your business now and in the future. 

Instead of having to buy new software each time you outgrow the performance of your last platform, NetSuite modules grow with you. They are continually being updated to keep ahead of the latest tech trends, and you can string as many together as you like to keep improving your NetSuite deployment. With no capex and no maintenance costs, you save money while getting exactly the right solution for your business. 

NetSuite modules include: 

  • Advanced financials: Never lose sight of the big financial picture and never miss an opportunity to improve margins with bespoke modules for revenue management, billing, multi-book accounting, fixed asset management and more.
  • Advanced planning: Much of the power of ERP lies in the ability to forecast accurately and manage process strategically. NetSuite empowers both with specialist modules for resource allocation, demand planning, job costing and project management.
  • Advanced analytics: Take your business intelligence to the next level with SuiteAnalytics Connect, a specialised reporting module which plugs into NetSuite’s sophisticated data processing capabilities.
  • Advanced logistics: Dedicated modules for advanced inventory, procurement and order management automate stock control, purchasing and fulfillment processes to improve efficiency and cost control. Additional Warehouse Management modules further help to drive operational excellence and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced commerce: Build a professional ecommerce online store with the SuiteCommerce Site Builder module, and create a single cloud management platform for all of your sales operations with SuiteCommerce Advanced. For high volume B2C and B2B transactions, SuiteCloud Plus premium data centre tiers allow you to process as much traffic as you need.
  • Advanced manufacturing: Match production to inventory with a dedicated work orders and assemblies module, and track performance against volume and cost targets with WIP and routings.